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World Sambo Championships 2008

Sports Complex Yubileiny

St Petersburg Russia


November 13th – 17th 2008


This year the World Championships returned to the home of Sambo RUSSIA and was to be proved the best ever. As expected the Russian Federation would put on a good show especially as they were celebrating their 70th year. The Yubileiny Sports Complex was the ideal venue extremely big with plenty of seating, three International size mats with two massive great TV screens so you could watch the matches from any angle plus have the luxury of play backs, a Bus service was available from the 5 star hotel allocated to the World Championships. The rate 75$ per day was a very good one with accommodation of a high standard, 2 excellent meals and entry to the tournament.

Our Russian hosts did not just put on a Sambo event , they hosted a Sambo spectacular with professional compares and top class dancers entertaining when the Sambo was not in progress, before each days event a DVD was shown on the big screen and on TV’s throughout the complex showing the history of Sambo.

Being in Russia I met up with some friends I have not seen for 10 to 15 years people like the famous Somboist and Judoka Ilya Tsipourski who still looks great at 75, Vladimir Schalov 6 times World Super Heavy Weight Champion he was the guy who beat me in the 1986 World Championship final in France, I was one of the few people who threw him for 4pts this was against the man who only lost to Yamashita on a Koka in his secondary sport Judo. For some years I was tagged with “the man who threw the Russian” shame I did not throw him a few times more then maybe I would have beaten him but it was great to see him. They say the World is shrinking but when I was talking to him he told me his son works for an International Bank in England and he lives in Sevenoaks a one hour drive from my home. There were many others there so I had a great 4 days, mind you the last time I was in Russia was when the Communists were in power and then things were cheap a pair of Sambo Boots 5$ a Jacket 10$ now Sambo boots 50$ a Jacket $100 they soon caught on to the worst elements of capitalism and a taxi ride would cost 300 ruble, 700 ruble and 900 ruble all for the same journey. I will have to admit the country was not as intimidating as it used to but they do like military uniforms.

I started Judo in 1955 at 5 years of age and have now reached 8th Dan 53 years of Judo has been a long time but with my hip and knee getting worse by the day and having waited over 5 years for replacements my enthusiasm has began to wane, also with the bureaucracy now involved with running a Judo Club and seeing what competitive Judo has become through watching it on the TV at the abysmal Judo Olympics I was beginning to think that I will just go through the motion. Yet after seeing this World Championships it has inspired me, it took me back to the 70’S and 80’S when Judo was a dynamic, all action Sport when my blood would get fired up just at the mention of the word, when I would eat and sleep judo, SAMBO has brought all that back it has mad me feel 20 years younger. So much so I will starting a pure Sambo club at my club in Sittingbourne on a Thursday, hopefully I will have a Knee replacement in the new year and I will be able to start a club in London plus I intend running Squad training sessions once a month, Martin The Bear is Back.

FIAS the International Body for Sambo has gone through many difficult time at one point in its history there were 4 separate bodies purporting to represent International Sambo but under the guidance of the famous Russian Somboist and Judoka David Rudman and Fernando Compte who is considered by most to be the Father of International Sambo it has now become the only International Sambo Organisation and is recognised by the GIASF General Association of International Sports Federations. With nearly 80 countries affiliated FIAS has come a long way from it inception in 1985 when I first joined, what it needs now is a lot more promoting in the English language , the President David Rudman informs there is going to be a lot more promotional Books and DVD’s in English once you start seeing the dynamism of Sambo you will forget the other Jacket Wrestling Sports.


Over 15 million people viewed SAMBO championships

2008-10-18 12:30:00

The total time of TV coverage for World youth/junior SAMBO Championship held in Tashkent (9-13 October 2008) exceeded the record of 230 minutes (3.8 hours). Over 15 million people watched SAMBO matches over the media for the 4 competition days. Live translation was provided by Uzbekistan national “Sport” TV channels. SAMBO news were also highlighted in all news releases of the main national First TV Channel. Besides the many Internet news, radio translations were distributed to 132 countries of the World by “Voice of Russia” radio channel.

 The World Championships in St Petersburg was attend by all the National TV Stations and broadcasted on a regular basis throughout the Eastern Block Countries, it can only be a matter of time before Sky, BBC and ITV etc will become interested.


As mentioned earlier the standard of Sambo and Sport Combat Sambo was electrifying, my wife Valerie came along for the trip but when we arrived on the 1st day at 10 am and I told her as I was a dignitary I could not leave until it finished she looked at me with horror and said “ I have been with you for 39 years don’t you think I have suffered enough” the competition went on for 12 hours and at the end of it she said “I never thought I would say that I enjoyed every minute” The Sambo and the fact it was inter disposed with dance made it an enjoyable event. Leg and arm locks seem to be very much in favour with lots of bouts being won on submissions but there were also some very big throws and these are what the audience enjoys the most. Sambo is now a very competitive sport with even the minor countries like GB making the Eastern Block countries work for their medals not so many years ago when a non Eastern Block countries fighter came on the mat with a Sambo nation fighter it was not how long they would last but high they would be thrown. Countries like Italy, Pakistan, Germany, Japan and UK are making headway but the most impressive non Eastern Block Country is Venezuela winning a Bronze and silver in the women’s section plus a Men’s Silver in the Sport Combat Sambo.  France and Germany won Silvers in the Sport Combat Sambo, as expected Russia topped the medal table Russia 17 Gold’s, Bulgaria 7 Gold’s, Kazakhstan 1 gold, Ukraine 1 gold, Latvia 1 gold.


British Team:

Sambo Men u90k Johannes Alder, Some good fights from the Scotsman  1st round win against the Venezuelan, 2nd round defeat by the eventually Gold medallist Kazusionak Bulgaria, 3rd round defeat by a Lithuanian who fought a very negative match, Johannes placed 7th

Danny Carrott u82k lost in first round to eventual Bronze Medallist 9pts-0pts Danny was only caught on minor scores he is going to move down to 74k which will suit him better. The system they use in the worlds in Knockout with repercharge if you lose to finalist in Britain we use a system where you are not eliminated till you lose two fights.

Ladies Sambo: Debbie Jackson u56 kilo, this was her first Sambo 1st international and was naturally very nervous but she fought well against the eventual Bronze Medallist going ¾ of the way through the match before being caught on an leg lock.


Sport Combat Sambo: Lee Till u9ok and Darren Richardson 0100k both had a lot of guts entering this very hard event both only had one fight and were eliminated, Lee lost on points and Darren was KO with a knee to solar plexus. My advice to both is to improve on their throwing skills all though both are MMA fighters, they must realise that wearing a Jacket makes a lot of difference. When MMA Super heavy weight champion Fedor Emeljaneko loses by several points to the Bulgarian to be placed 3rd you can understand the need for throwing skills.


International Sports Combat Sambo is extremely tough style of fighting although Striking is allowed it still a Grappling Discipline, the points scoring is the same as Sambo but you can also score a Total Victory with a knockout blow and a strangle/choke, 4pts can be gained by getting a standing count of 8. Interestingly some of the non Sambo players did question the validity of the Total Victory from a throw saying a match should not finish on a throw, they obviously want Sport Combat Sambo to favour the striker if this happens it is no long Combat Sambo. From my first introduction to Sambo I always taught that Sambo was developed to train Military to defend them themselves, although as we move to more modern times and Sambo is looked on more as dynamic sport, we must not forget its origins and the idea of a Total Victory was that their opponent was incapacitated. Total Victory by a throw is when you throw your opponent on his back and remain standing, in the battlefield this would mean certain death, 20 years ago the Worlds were held in Italy a British fighter made dummy attack to his opponent just touching his legs in his haste to avoid the attack he literally tripped over his own feet and fell on his back. The referee awarded a Total Victory the audience Booed and slow handclapped; the Soviet referee looked at the audience then pointed his hand as though holding a gun at the guy on the floor and went BANG, BANG POINT MADE. Whether anyone would be so literal today I do not know, but at that time of the players outside the Soviet Union were Judoka who were trying Sambo. They had got used the concept of skill, force, impetus and circular movement being involved when judging a throw yet Sambo was about how you hit the floor, a small man would use guile, speed and using his opponents strengths to his advantage so they became weaknesses, while a big strong man may use brute strength to throw his opponent the skill was using the assets God gave you.


British Rules Sport CombatSombo first you will notice a slight name change, I registered the Name CombatSombo and all its derivatives as a Trade mark  to distinguish my style some 20 years ago well before the word Combat Sambo. In the UK all sensible people get insurance cover before they get involved in Sport and my insurance company would not all any sport which allowed kicking to the groin, striking people while they are on the floor or allowing continual striking (Kickboxing or Boxing) with out proper equipment. Now you may not agree with them but unless you wish to be sued you abide by what they say, so we run our own Sport CombatSombo British Rules event as of yet we have had no real interest could be people in the UK are not ready for such an event or it could be some see the restrictions as a hindrance if you are interested we will be running an event along side our British Open on April 19th 2009

The British Sombo (Sambo) Federation receive no grants so all our players travel at their own expense as do all the Officials, the bonus being that competitors are fighting world class players and the officials get a nice banquet to attend along with laborious meetings.


If you are interested in Sambo why not contact the BSF or have a go at the British Open the standard may not be as high as in Russia but you will have an enjoyable day.  sombogb @  Martin Clarke 118 East Street Sittingbourne Kent ME10 4RX  if you want see the full results from the Worlds go to

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