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Swale Open Sombo Wrestling and SportCombatSombo Championships

 Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne

 April 15th 2012


Entry Fee for IBF, BCSA, GUK members is 5

Others 10 this will include Day insurance

BCSA Rules will apply

Sombo Wrestling:

Children 8,9,10 Juniors 11, 12, 13, 14 Youths 15,16,17 Seniors, Veterans

SportCombatSombo 18 and over


This competition will be held at the SMAC Gym and is designed to encourage people to have a go at two different styles of Sombo. For children it is the ideal Jacket Wrestling Sport because its rules allows plenty of chance to try different techniques i.e. in Judo a child can be pushed to ground held on the floor for Ippon and the match is over total match could last 30 seconds, in Sombo if you held for 20 seconds you lose 4 pts. But can continue to compete a much more gratifying experience



All competitors will be expected to wear Sombo Jacket, Shorts, Sombo Boots are optional. If you do not have kit we will supply Jackets all you have to bring is a pair of Red and Blue shorts. Ladies are allowed to wear leggings under the shorts


Youths, Seniors and Veterans will be allowed Armlocks and Leglocks


Children and Junior matches 3 minute duration the rest 5 minutes


Competitors will be matched on the day


We are not expecting a big entry for this event as it is designed for local people so the weigh in will all be done at 10 am If there is a change you will be informed by email of text


Closing date is April 10th


Please fill in the attached form and send to BCSA 118 East Street Sittingbourne ME10 4RX with money or by email


I will require Name, address, DOB, Email Address, Mobile Tel No