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Sambo Awards for British Sombo Federation Members



Colin Martin John


The Federation International Amateur Sambo (FIAS) the World Governing body for Sambo has just honoured 5 British Sambo Player with Medals of Honour each having the inscription “For significant contribution into World Wide Sambo development” No other British Samboist have received such an award.


Bronze Medals

John Clarke -Sittingbourne Warriors, for competing at 5 different age levels at World Championships, cadet, youth, junior, senior and masters.

Colin Carrott -Sittingbourne Warriors, 2 World Masters Bronze, World Championship team managers, BSF EC member, is organising International Sambo competitions.

Paul Sawyer-Bournemouth, one of GB’s most prolific International competitors, Gold Medallist Small Nations Tournament, Bronze Medallist World Masters and many times British Champion 


Silver Medal

Robin Hyslop-Dumfries, BSF Chairman, World Masters Silver, organiser Scottish Open, British Representative at many World Championships



Gold Medal

Martin Clarke- 3 World Silvers, Founder British Sombo Federation,  organised World Sambo Championships Herne Bay 1992 and European Championships 1989. Previous FIAS Treasurer & FIAS Council Member, Sambo Grandmaster attended 20 World Championships