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Kent Open Sambo and SportCombatSombo

Swale Martial Arts Club



This is the first time the Kent Open has been held at the Martial Arts Club although the Martial Arts Club is not that big the numbers attending Martial Arts events have dropped significantly so with SMAC offering the Venue free of charge, the organisers the Warriors Grappling Academy which is based at SMAC took advantage of the offer 

The event was Children and Adults and attracted competitors from afar field as Mersey side and Hampshire as well as competitors from Kent and London, also entered we had a Latvian National Champion who now lives in Maidstone sadly in his first match he broke his hand. Competition was in Sambo this is a Jacket Wrestling Style from Russia and SportCombatSombo which is a mixture of striking and grappling wearing a jackets

Children were not allowed to enter the SportCombatSombo but were well represented in the Sambo with even girls participating

Many people mistakenly think Sambo is another form of Judo, this is far from the truth a lot of Judo players like Sambo because the rules are so easy to understand and there very few restrictions. For the first time in many years we actually had girls competing they were very young but enjoyed the event. Best Boys match of the day was between two Warriors Fighter Lewis Clarke and Richard Seaman the match went from player to player throughout the fight with Richard winning with just a 2 point margin. Danny Carrott won his weight in typical style, revenge fight between Jamie Mazetti Warriors and Kieran Daniels Spitfire was the match to watch. Last time these two met 17 year old Jamie got the better of Kieran but things were to change in this event. Kieran has superb techniques but lacks fitness and in the opening minute of the match he caught Jamie with a nice counter throw he the built on this to win the Match after the raised arm he sunk to the floor and crawled of.

Sambo Player of the day was 13 year old Sonny Tappin who is quite big for his age so coach John Clarke decided to try him in the Adult class to reach the final he had to beat fully grown men a remarkable achievement.


The SportCombatSombo event was well received with the best match being between Danny Carrott and Tom Richardson RAFUK . SportCombatSombo is a mixture of Grappling and Striking. Tom a very dynamic striker used all his attributes to beat Danny with strikes but Danny’s superior Throwing skills gave him the win


RAFUK gave a demonstration of storm Fighting and belt Wrestling which was very well received


The following juniors also pass their Sambo Grading Hayden Con-White Yellow Belt, Katie John Yellow Belt, Liam Jordan Orange belt, Miles Loscombe Orange Belt. Lewis Clarke Green Belt, Richard Seaman Green belt, Sonny Tappin Blue Belt


Warriors Grappling Club caters for Judo, Sambo, Kurash, Belt Wrestling, SportCombatSombo, Pankration, Combat Grappling, submission wrestling and after a several years layoff we intend re-introducing Olympic Free Style Wrestling.

With so many Cowboys claiming to do MMA Grappling it is good to know that Warriors Grappling Academy has fully insured qualified coaches

 For Photographs  kent open sambo  Kent Open Medal Winner ...

Go to combattechnique from Grapplinguk: Kent Open Sambo 2011 for Film Clips

Further information 07074 200150


name group position club
Liam Jordan 1 gold warriors grappling academy
Haiden Con-white   silver warriors grappling academy
jack Sproston 2 gold spitfire judo/sambo club
Miles Loscombe   silver warriors grappling academy
Francesca Aspey 3 gold spitfire judo/sambo club
Katie john   silver warriors grappling academy
Pheobe Sproston   bronze spitfire judo/sambo club
Richard Seaman 4 gold warriors grappling academy
Lewis Clarke   silver warriors grappling academy
Thomas laws   bronze spitfire judo/sambo club
Josh Begg u70 gold spitfire judo/sambo club
Sonny Tappin   silver warriors grappling academy
Steve Oliver   bronze RAKUK
Kieran Daniels u80 gold spitfire judo/sambo club
Jamie Marzetti   silver warriors grappling academy
Jurus Meirans   bronze Maidstone
Danny carrott u100 gold warriors grappling academy
Dave Purkis   silver RAFUK
lee Jackson   bronze RAFUK
George Loscombe o100 gold warriors grappling academy
Pete Edkins   silver RAFUK
Pete Edkins open gold RAFUK
sport combat sambo      
Josh Begg u70 gold spitfire judo/sambo club
Steve Oliver   silver RAFUK
Danny Carrott o70 gold warriors grappling academy
Tom Richardson   silver RAFUK
Pete Edkins   bronze RAFUK