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Instructors Course March 27th 2011

British Sambo Federation

Swale Martial Arts Club East Street Sittingbourne


The BSF have been making a determined effort to get more Sambo Instructors to promote Sambo and have already run three courses in Sittingbourne and one in Dumfries Scotland. The next course will be in Essex, followed by one in Bedford and we have had interest for a course in Blackpool area and in Devon. Not all people who attend these courses open clubs some just come to extend their knowledge of Sambo.

BSF Instructors courses cover the very basics of Sambo, teaching them how to instruct and to be aware of all health and safety issues plus they learn sufficient techniques to be able to coach to Green belt standard and referee a match. If they can do all this to a reasonable standard and can prove they can instruct correctly they will pass to Level 1, if they have gained more experience through Refereeing, Competing, attending more courses they can rise up through the levels . All Sambo Instructors must attend a yearly revision course to maintain their standard.

National Coach John Clarke organised the course and has made it very clear that he prepared to travel any where in the country to promote Sambo

Next events for Sambo:  Junior Sambo Grading Sittingbourne April 2nd (9 and above), British Open Dumfries Scotland April 30th, June 25th English Closed Capel Le Ferne, Sambo Instructors Course July 9th Chelmsford Essex.

The British Sambo Federation has decided that the minimum age for Sambo is 9 years, this was because Sambo allows arm locks and leg locks and they feel younger children would be at risk.


For further information on Sambo contact or


Successful Candidates:

Keith Costa Instructor Level 3 Sittingbourne

Russell Dodds Instructor Level 3 Bedford

George Loscombe Instructor Level 2 Sheppey

Michael Hutchinson Instructor level 1 Sittingbourne

Matt Gough Instructor Level 1 Army

William Hetheringham Level 1 Kingston upon Hull