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 British Sombo Federation a success story

Listed below are the British results of World Sambo Championships you can also seethe progress the British Sombo Federation has made since its formation in 1986

The list is for Worlds only and doesn't include Europeans and other International Tournaments

The BSF have been in attendance at every World Championships since 1986

The BSF have run over 20 British Opens and many National, County and Open Championships

In 1989 it Organised the FIAS European Championships and in 1992 the FIAS World Championships both at Herne Bay Kent

All of this has been done without any grant aid one wonders how many other Governing bodies can boast the the same success on a nothing budget



FILA Worlds

1966 Steve Pullen Bronze

1973 Richard Barraclough Bronze.

1974 Richard Barraclough Bronze

1974 John Lawinson Bronze

1974 Maurice Allen Gold



FIAS was Formed in 1985

1985 World Games London Martin Clarke Silver BWA

1985 World Games London Bill Ward Gold BWA

1985 World Games Fiona Boty Bronze BWA

1985 World Games Sarah Williams Bronze BWA

1985 World Championships San Sebastian Martin Clarke 5th

1986 World Senior Pau France Martin Clarke Silver

1986 World Senor Pau Nula Sayer Bronze

1986 World Senior Pau Lisa Poole Bronze

1989 World Senior Newark USA Craig Scott Bronze

1989 World Senior Newark Matthew Clempner Bronze

1989 World Cadet Newark John Clarke Silver

1989 World Senior Newark Fiona Boty Gold

1990 World Senior Moscow Alex Wadden Silver

1990 World Senior Moscow Fiona Boty Silver

1990 World Senior Moscow Minnie Brazil Bronze

1992 World Masters Herne Bay England Silver Trevor Roberts

1992 World Masters Herne Bay Dave Jenkins silver

1992 World Senior Herne Bay Rowena Sweatman ladies gold

1992 World Senior Herne Bay Tracey Farmer ladies gold

1992 World Masters Herne Bay Stephen Sweetlove Silver

1992 World Masters Herne Bay Mick Poole Gold

1992 World Cadet Herne Bay Robert Barraclough Gold

1993 World Senior Kstovo Russia Claire Lynch Bronze

1998 World Masters, Malta silver Martin Clarke, Dave Boulding bronze Colin Carrott, Paul Sawyer

1998 World Small Nations, Malta gold Paul Sawyer

2001 World Seniors, Krasnoyarsk, Russia bronze Emily Gittens, Marian Wood

2002 World Masters, Greece bronze Paul Sawyer

2005 World Masters, Prague silver Robin Hyslop bronze Vadim Kolganov, Roland Newson, Grant Waterman, Darrin Richardson

2005 World Combat Sambo, Prague bronze Chris Freeborn

2007 World Masters, Greece bronze Darrin Richardson, Colin Carrott

2008 World Masters, Minsk, Belarus bronze Leigh Till, Paul Sawyer

2009 World Masters, Kaunas, Lithuania silver Leigh Till, bronze Paul Sawyer

2010 World Masters Prague Darren Richardson Silver

2010 World Masters Prague Leigh Till Silver

2013 World Championships Minsk Matthew Clempner Bronze


1985 Brenda Jones and Alan Kontozi Awarded FIAS International C Referee BWA

1986 British Sombo Federation founded by Martin Clarke, Alan Kontozi, Tony Bull, Valerie Clarke, Brenda Jones, Dave Boulding

1990 Brenda Jones Awarded FIAS Exceptional Referee

1990 CombatSombo recognised by FIAS and President Fernando Compte as a Style of Sombo

1991 Martin Clarke made FIAS Grandmaster

1990 BSF recognised as governing for Sombo by all 5 UK Sports Councils

2008 Martin Clarke St Petersburg Russia FIAS Gold Medal services to Sambo and Medal of Honour

2008 Robin Hyslop FIAS Silver Medal services to Sambo

2008 John Clarke FIAS Bronze Medal services to Sambo

2008 Colin Carrott FIAS Bronze Medal services to Sambo

2008 Paul Sawyer FIAS Bronze Medal services to Sambo

2009 Robin Hyslop BSF Master of Sombo

2009 John Clarke BSF Master of Sombo

2009 Colin Carrott BSF Master of Sombo

2008 Paul Sawyer BSF Master of Sombo

2013 Valerie Clarke BSF Honorary President

2013 Alan Kontozi BSF Honorary President

2013 Josh Henson BSF Honorary President

2013 Robin Hyslop BSF honorary President

Martin Clarke FIAS 70th Anniversary of Sambo Gold Medal service to International Sambo