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  • Allan Clarkin
    Full Contact Sombo & SportCombatSombo
    British Sombo Federation
    National Coach




  • When Allan Clarkin asked to start the Burnley CombatSombo Club and qualify as a Coach little did we know what a devastating effect he would have on the British Sombo Federation and British CombatSombo Association. He may be small but he has proved big on technique and ideas, for some years the BSF have been asked to organise Full Contact Sombo (also known as Combat Sambo) but did not have anyone willing to give up the time to develop the system. The BCSA played around with a watered down form which it calls SportCombatSombo but now with Allan at the helm things hope to go from strength to strength. Allan has 40 years experience in the Martial arts and has organised countless shows as well as running his own gym to top this he has developed and Instructors Certificate plus a grading system. Both these systems will be under the auspices of the British CombatSombo Association but recognised by the BSF. The BCSA recognised his ability some months ago allowing him to grade to Black Belt in the CombatSombo system only three other people in the UK can do this Founder Martin Clarke, Scotlandís Robin Hyslop and Northern Irelands Chris St John. The BSF offered him the job as National Coach at their AGM last week, so Allan Clarkin Full Contact Sombo National Coach, and John Clarke National Sombo Coach.
    The British Sombo Federation last year organise 8 Instructors Courses in Sombo last year throughout the country, with more to come this year. Robin Hyslop is travelling to Russia 3 times in 2012 to improve his refereeing and qualify as GBís only FIAS International Referee; the last living FIAS referee is Alan Kontozi who retired some years ago, although I am told he will be helping out as a Judge at the English Championship. The BSF can now supply Sombo Jackets and Sombo Boots for Adults and soon hopes to be able to supply children with an inexpensive reversible jacket in the not to distant future



British CombatSombo Association

Instructor and Student

Development programme for Full Contact Sombo

Instructor Level 1 Award

Full Contact Sombo + SportCombatSombo

MMA in a Jacket

Course Date. Sunday 1st April 2012

Venue. Black Knights Gym Burnley, full address sent by e mail

Time. 10.00am till 4.00pm

Cost. £30

More info contact Allan Clarkin Coach Tutor


Course Aim.

1.To expand the knowledge of coaches to increase the number of coaches and give an understanding of

Full Contact Sombo, also give those that do not wish to compete in Full Contact the chance to get accustomed to a Striking and Grappling format. This will be done through Sport Combat Sombo and will lay the foundations for the future.

2. To qualify Club Coaches in Full Contact Sombo and Sport Combat Sombo for the benefit of

student expansion, to show an increase of National and International players.

3.Develop a safe training programme for club coaches to pass on the knowledge required for the sport.

4. The course will show the difference between Full Contact Sombo and Sport Combat Sombo

Course content.

1. PAD DRILLS, This will cover, focus mitts for Boxing Skills, kick shields for Kickboxing skills, Thai pads for Muay Thai knees and Elbows , body shields and grappling dummies for combinations and ground striking skills.

2. DISTANCE TRAINING, This will show what strikes to use at what range and how to close the distance to attain a grip for throwing.

3. BODY CONDITIONING, This will cover exercisers that will help the body understand the fitness levels required for the sport.

4. SAFE SPARRING, This will show how coaches should coach students to develop self confidence in sparring and correct sparring gear to wear in sparring.

5. CIRCUIT TRAINING, Giving advice on simple circuits to develop Fight Fit athletes.

6. EQUIPMENT TRAINING, This will cover Kettle bells, Medicine Balls, Tyres and the Jacket Belt.


The course is open to all students from the age of 16.

Instructor Level 1 Award


Full Contact Sombo


Sport Combat Sombo