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Adam Dodd’s Competes in Lithuania

Here is a report from a very proud Dad Russell. Adam is the youngest British Sambo Player to represent GB in an official Sambo event is just 14 and had to fight in the age group for 16 years and above.



He competed in this event in the capital city Vilnius


Russell Report

The pair of us has had a good trip still in Vilnius with the hotel having free WiFi which was handy so I keep in touch with my family and the BSF.
On Friday night Adam went training at Rudas (National Lithuanian Coach)  club very tough,  good session but it showed him and me the differences between the clubs that train here ,Techniques so different ,to what I have seen before.
The competition was very big with as many female as men there was ten country not sure on how many competitors but two mats going all day till eight pm
Adam had 8 in he's group, he lost he's fight to a Lithuanian he fought very well threw his opponent with inner thigh throw but he let go of the arm as he hit the ground so he escaped, he attack well from the ground he lost by trying another inner thigh throw missed the leg lost he balance and got counter then a hold down, shame he did well very proud of him and had good comment from other coaches
Rudas has treated us very well picked us up from airport paid the hotel and fed us ,wouldn't take any money
This was a marvellous competition in extraordinary nice country if the BSF allow it I will take a much larger team next year


The BSF has been invited to this event on several occasions and I would like to see a lot more of our youngsters compete in Internationals in the future

Martin Clarke BSF




Well done Adam and Russell something else British Sambo Federation is doing for its members