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Sunday March 28th 2010

The British CombatSombo Association

Sambo Instructor Course

This course was organised at the Warriors Grappling Academy in Sittingbourne Kent and was a great success with eight new Samboists qualifying as British Sombo Federation Sombo Instructors (BSF is the government recognised body for Sombo).

The course was organised by the BCSA with Course Instructors being Grandmaster Martin Clarke BSF President, Masters of Sombo John Clarke and Colin Carrott. Martin could no do a great deal as he had a total hip replacement two weeks ago (you do not become a Grandmaster without suffering for your sport), he gave an introduction of the history of Sambo in the world and the UK followed by a DVD supplied by the world Body FIAS. He then went on to say that the 26 year membership gave membership to the BCSA, IBF, Pankration UK and Grappling UK, the course at 60 which included examination fee with certificates was a bargain. As Martin said it is not all about money it is about getting people involved with Sombo.

What was so pleasing was those who passed were totally new members to the BCSA normally we get people from within the BCSA/IBF getting involved but this time it was different. They came from Devon, Essex, Kent and Cheshire, although they had not done Sombo all were experienced Grapplers with Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling as there base, both John and Colin were impressed how quickly they picked things up.

The course went through basic holds, throws, locks etc plus how to referee a match and the end of the Course Martin returned and the students completed a practical examination.

Those who passed were Jason Hassall, Dean Saitch, Daniel Hassall, Steven White, Martyn Vicary, Carl Cooper, George Loscombe, and Laurence Sandum

So we have not just gained 8 new Sombo Instructors but also 3 new Sombo clubs any one interested in becoming a Sombo Instructor or CombatSombo Instructor should contact Martin Clarke or visit